we all have problems and it is up to us how we are going to react to it, how we are going to solve it, if we are going to let it affect us or not. problems come and go, and they come in many ways. they come to us as often as we breathe air. problems are there to remind us that we are alive, and that we are living in reality. and in reality, everybody has their own problems. the problems that you have may be less than what others are experiencing, or may be greater than what others have. it is all up to you to tackle it and find a solution, or leave it be and try to forget about it. but forgetting about it is no use, it will always come back to you, go all rushing back to the surface, distorting that pretty smile that you wear everyday. pretending to be okay is normal, for most people. but pretending like you do not have problems is another thing. problems are to be solved and paid attention to. well of course there are people that can help us go through our burdens and hardships, but most of the time we are all that we have to help ourselves. at the end of the day it always boils down to you and yourself being in control of your life. problems are present because we are human, and because we are alive. you think some people have a perfect life? it is only so because they would like to think that. and stop thinking about other people. whatever is going on with their lives is their own business, and whatever is going on in your life is your business. you can always call for help, and in one way or another, may it be sooner or later, it will come. hang on to each and everyday that you are breathing, cherish the feeling of waking up every morning and being able to see the sun shine once more. life is given to us so we can live it. so we can experience little, wonderful things. we all have different takes on our own lives, and having influenced someone else’s life is a very great feat. your perspective in life should be of your own, not from TV series or magazines or what have you. think what you want to think and express yourself the way your mind and most especially your heart tells you. problems are there to show life that we make it through each and every day, to show that we are strong and we are capable of wonderful things. live your life well.

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